Bodytalk - Respektieren und Aktivieren der Selbstheilungskräfte Ihres Körpers
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Bodytalk EAV ( electroacupuncture according to Voll) Biofeld-Test Matrix-Energetics
(Miami, Florida)

Modul 1
comprehensive introduction to the BodyTalk System and many powerful treatment techniques that address a wide variety of diseases (more)

Modul 2
further theoretical and practical treatment techniques to include the entire basic BodyTalk system. .(more)

Modul 3
The foundation of the philosophy behind the BodyTalk System and how to apply it in a practical way with the awareness of lateral, i.e. unorthodox, thinking. (more)

Modul 4+7
The body as an energy system (more)

Modul 6
The macrocosmic view of the function of the bodymind complex. (more)

Modul 9

The dissolution of the primary and secondary Personality Matrixes of the bodymind. (more)

PaRama + Parama practical I
postgraduate and correspondence studies 32 correspondence lessons with new information on the BodyTalk System from Dr. John Veltheim, pioneer for alternative health care (more)

PaRama + Parama practical II (more)

Orthopedic evaluation

Structural integration

In cooperation with the Board of the IMGEAV, (International Medical Society for Electroacupuncture according to Dr. Voll) and during training seminars on the topic of electronic system diagnostics according to Voll, I acquired skills and knowledge about links within the human organism.

Further education::

training in biofield treatment: biofield testing according to Dr. Paul Schweitzer © 1999-2007

The biofield test is a simple biophysical testing and diagnostics method which makes it possible to evaluate chronic illnesses in a holistic sense, to establish a causal treatment plan and to review the treatment effects of an individual therapy.
It is carried out on the patient himself or using a blood sample and is especially suited for:

diagnosis of

  • cancer diagnosis and cancer treatment with the biofield test
  • exposure to technical fields
  • exposure to biophysical field (geopathy)
  • electrosensibility, metereosensitivity, MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity)
  • allergies, pseudo allergies, neurodermatitis
  • treatment blockages
  • cranial focus, organ disorders and illnesses
  • testing the tolerability of food

Treatment of

  • electrosensibility, metereosensitivity, MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity)
  • allergies, pseudo allergies, neurodermatitis
  • chronic illnesses

1.The biofield diagnosis course
2.The biofield treatment course

Matrix® Level 1
A Journey Beyond the Quantum

Matrix® Level 2
The Alchemy of Transformation
Accessing the Science of Change

Matrix® Level 3
Whizard Training
Treading the Inner Corridors of Power & Possibility